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“Yama-Hama! It’s fright night!” #1

Since today is Halloween I thought I’d share a scary ghost bug story that I ran into this week. What better way to get everyone into the Halloween spirit? Background: Running a load test, using one webtest, to gauge how the application handles heavy loads for a very specific scenario Problem: Application is throwing an [...]

STOP using Response.Redirect(url)

OK, I made the title a little misleading to grab your attention – I’m sneaky like that. Seriously though, there are a few things about Response.Redirect(url) that every ASP .NET developer needs to know. Using Response.Redirect() to help with site navigation is standard and all ASP .NET developers use it but, most don’t have time [...]

ASP .NET – A ValidationSummary with some style

Using the built-in ASP .NET validation controls makes validation a breeze. The controls are an easy and powerful way to validate form data client-side and server-side. If you need to display a summarized list of all the validation errors on a page you can use the ValidationSummary control. Unfortunately, as with most out of the [...]

ASP .NET – Validators in a MultiView

A few weeks ago I needed to create a step-by-step wizard that required more functionality than the built-in Wizard control provided out of the box. I created my custom wizard by taking advantage of the MultiView control which is essentially what the Wizard control is based on. After creating my custom wizard I tackled a [...]

C# – Iterating through an Enum

Today I came across a situation where iterating through an Enum would save me about 10 lines of code and some time. The quickest way is as follows: foreach (MyEnum value in Enum.GetValues(typeof(MyEnum))) { //… }