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How to Build a Nifty HTML5 Form

After reading Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson & Remy Sharp, a good read that lived up to its namesake by introducing the majority of HTML5 in a concise and humorous way, I decided to build a quick sample to play with a few of the new HTML5 Form features. In this post I’ll cover the [...]

Who Else Wants a HTML5 Office Dictionary?

I’m currently reading some books on HTML5 and have been taking notes in OneNote as I go. I was getting increasingly frustrated with all the spelling “errors” OneNote was detecting, and my yelling ‘”SERENITY NOW!” like Frank Costanza started to annoy the neighbors. To keep me sane I created a custom HTML5 Office dictionary that [...]

Time For a Change – Becoming a Microsoft Evangelist

It’s been a great, and crazy, few years working on Silverlight 4 & 5 and being responsible for a handful of XAML feature areas for Metro style apps. I’ve learned a ton of new skills that I know will serve me well in my new role as a Microsoft Evangelist. It was always one of [...]