Finally the time has come to talk. The vow of silence is over and it’ll feel so good to share what we’ve all been working extremely (work-life balance FAIL) hard on! I’m waiting for the cab to pull up so I can catch the flight to Anaheim. Recently it was made public that XAML is part of Windows 8 – come Tuesday all will be revealed..

[Update] – The keynote was awesome and we already heard some great feedback on what XAML offers developers. Here are some links that I posted on twitter (@alnurismail) earlier today:

1) List of XAML sessions this week: http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2011/09/13/xaml-sessions-at-build.aspx

2) Get Windows 8 Developer Preview from:

3) Windows 8 code samples (covers the WinRT API surface) at:

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