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How To Run Win32 Applications On Windows RT

I have to admit that after using the Surface with Windows RT for a few months there have been times when I’ve needed to use a traditional Win32 application like VS2012 or SQL Server. As you probably know, Windows RT doesn’t allow you to install traditional Win32 applications, but that shouldn’t stop you. To run [...]

Maximizing Code Reuse Across Windows 8 and Windows Phone Apps

A common ask among customers and developers is around guidance on how to structure/architect their code to maximize reuse across Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. This post will explain what is/isn’t reusable across apps, cover some patterns that will help increase code reuse across Microsoft platforms, and puts the theory into practice with a [...]

Implementing ISupportIncrementalLoading

A customer recently asked about how to use the ISupportIncrementalLoading (ISIL) interface to enable the familiar endless scrolling scenario as seen on Bing’s image search. By implementing the ISIL interface you’re able to tell the collection control that more data is available and ask the control to request it asynchronously as the user is scrolling. [...]

Three Point Checklist For a Great Windows 8 Metro App

Over the past few months I’ve spoken with a variety of customers about Windows 8 and worked with them to shape their app strategy. It’s a process that begins by first defining their business requirements, then identifying the features that support those requirements, and finally mapping those requirements to a Windows 8 app. Take for [...]