Implementing ISupportIncrementalLoading

A customer recently asked about how to use the ISupportIncrementalLoading (ISIL) interface to enable the familiar endless scrolling scenario as seen on Bing’s image search. By implementing the ISIL interface you’re able to tell the collection control that more data is available and ask the control to request it asynchronously as the user is scrolling. There are a few properties you can set on the control like IncrementalLoadingTrigger, IncrementalLoadingThreshold and DataFetchSize that affects when and how much data is requested.

The ISupportIncrementalLoading interface is minimalistic containing only one method and one property but can be confusing if you’re not familiar with the async pattern. I’ve created a quick sample to show how you can use the GridView/ListView control + a custom collection (that implements ISIL) to incrementally load all the movies available on Netflix.


You can grab the source (Windows 8 RC) here.

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